Dear friends, colleagues and associates!

ASС RUSJET announces Contest in co-operation with A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau to create a colour scheme for a future new 10 Yak-130 flight formation team, as well as to create a name for this team. The Contest is international. This means that, at this Contest, anyone, anywhere in the world can try their hand, test their creativity, and fully express their imagination. It is rare to see new combat aircraft birth, and even rarer we can see establishing of new flight formation team. Because of this we expect absolutely new, fresh ideas related to finding suitable name for the flight formation team, as well as proposing a variety of colour schemes for the aircraft Yak-130.

Color Scheme
First and foremost, we expect the colour scheme to be original, easily distinguishable from already existing colour schemes belonging to flight formation teams all around the world. Secondly, it is thought crucial to consider how Yak-130 will look in the particular colour scheme during individual manoeuvres, during group manoeuvres, and also to consider its looks from different angles in relation to where the audience will stand.
Even though the Yak-130 is delivered to many countries in the world, we would prefer the proposed colour schemes to somehow incorporate Russia's national symbols, colours of Russia’s national flag and symbols of Russia's Air Force. Furthermore, it might be wise to take into account that the aircraft will be used intensively, and traces of service (oil, fuel, hydraulic) should be noticeable as less as possible.

Plane projection formats:

CorelDraw -
AutoCAD -

Please, send your variant of color scheme to (max 10MB attachments, one message - one variant)


Group name
The most vital thing is for the group name to be perceived clearly by the world aviation community. It is, of course, impossible to take all semantic aspects of every language into consideration, but what must be taken into account is the harmony of the name's sound in English and in Russian. What kind of group name will be preferred by the jury cannot be known in advance, however its choice should be guided by the fact that the Yak-130 is a training, as well as a combat aircraft.
When creating the group name, registered trademarks, their phrases or abbreviations, or words sounding similar to registered trademarks, cannot be used.

Please, send your variants of name for flight formation team to

Nomination, timing and selection of the winners
Proposals for participation in the Contest are held on December 20, 2012
Voting in both categories are held from December 25 2012 to January 15, 2013
Both c will be judged by two nominations - "People’s Choice" and "Choice of Professionals"
The voting process for the nominations of the category "People’s Choice" will take place in an open form on the official ASC RUSJET page on the social network Facebook.

The jury behind the "Choice of Professionals" will consist of leading test pilots and engineers of A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau.

The winner nominated for the "Choice of Professionals" will be determined by secret ballot, taking into account the "People’s Choice" results.
Both categories' voting results will be presented on ASC RUSJET's official website, on ASC RUSJET's page in social network Facebook and on A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau official site.


Winners of both categories will be awarded
with a watch manufactured by


In the Contest for the best name for the, in the category "Choice of Professionals", the winning award is $1,000

In the Contest for the best name for the future flight formation team, in the category "People’s Choice" the winning award is memorable gifts from ASC RUSJET and A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau.

In the Contest for the best colour scheme for the future flight formation team, in the category "Choice of professionals" the winning award is $ 3,000

In the Contest for the best colour scheme for the future flight formation team, in the category "People’s Choice" the winning award is memorable gifts from ASC RUSJET and A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau.

In the spring of 2013 A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau convert and prepare Yak-130 in the colour scheme winning in the category "Choice of Professionals." A public display of the newly painted aircraft will be held at the international air show MAKS 2013.

The winners in both categories are guaranteed free tickets to the MAKS 2013 Air Show and the opportunity to take a memorable photo alongside the Yak-130 aircraft in its new colouring scheme.

In 2013 ASC RUSJET will then prepare the RC jet model of Yak-130 in the colour scheme winning in the category "Choice of Professionals" for participation in model aircraft shows and demoflights held around the world.
Currently, the Yak-130 jet model, which ASC RUSJET presents at championships and at aeromodelling shows, has a new standard Russian Air Force colours. In 2011 ASC RUSJET's chief pilot, Vitaly Robertus, used this model when he, for the first time in Russian aeromodelling history, won the title of World Champion in the Radio Controlled Jet Model category of the World Championships held in the U.S.


By entering the competition you guaranty that the flight formation team names, as well as the colouring schemes, are exclusively your designs owned by you, and that they are not protected by patents or copyrights. You agree that, in case of winning the competition or the competitions, and in case of out payment of the corresponding reward, all the exclusive and non-exclusive rights to the name and (or) the colour scheme become the property of A.S. Yakovlev Aviation Design Bureau, and that they can be used without restriction, in their sole discretion, without any mention of authorship agreement with you, or with any third parties, and without extra payments to your advantage and without benefitting third parties

of payment for the awards will depend on the winner's local basis. For residents of Russia payment is made in rouble via bank transfer, at the Central Bank exchange rate on the payment date. For the residents of all other countries payment is made via a non-cash transaction to a PayPal account. In case payment is not possible through this transfer system, payment is made through Western Union. Please note that it is the recipient, who holds responsibility for payment of national taxes, and rates are based on the local national legislation.